Body & Sound of I & Eye: Bookperformance #1

Title:                  Body & Sound of I & Eye: Bookperformance

Date:                 14th November 2015

Space:              Munt Punt, Brussels/BE

Time:                10.00 - 17.22 (7 hours 22 minutes)

Process:          Book,                       see on vimeo:        MyFace Book Performance

                         Performance,           see on vimeo:        MyFace Book Performance: LAYOUT

                         Bookperformance     (video soon)       

Photos:            Mira Matthew

Videos:             Mira Matthew

Audience:       Placed mostly upstairs for the better view of the performance

Languages:    Turkish, English, French, Dutch. 

Book:             MyFace Book: “You are my writer, don’t get sad. Your book is nice, nicer even than you, the mad. Even if they haven’t found me, I am still alive, you see, I am not yet dead. They will find you somewhere, someday. I will become a book that day. You / I / It will become a performance someway. The book will become the twin-self of the performance, so to say. It will become bookperformance, let’s smile and resay. We will safely sound in the same body eventually, with no delay. I will become something like an actional situation, as you will performatively explain its theory as well someday.” p. 398

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"Sound & Body OF Eye & I : bookperformance"


Body SOUNDS Rock Strangers: bookperformance (in progress)

by Cigdem y Mirol - 14 Nov 2015
Tags: Munt Punt, Cigdem y Mirol, MyFace Book, Bookperformance, Body & Sound of I & Eye, Yüzüm Kitap, Kitapperformans, Brussels
MUNT PUNT - 23 Nov 2015 21:37
Good link Cigdem!.. As Munt Punt, we enjoy how Cigdem y Mirol performs her book. We definitely recommend this event to other libraries. Readers bring interesting feedback about it. There are two more bookperformance of Mirol in the coming days! Come and see how it evolves: You can also borrow Mirol's MyFace Book from Munt Punt. It is also on sale at Munt Punt shop.
Lotte - 23 Nov 2015 22:05
hey cigdem, i visit your book frequently. it is fun to read you as the lost author:) just got to your website through your facebook post. i will find you soon at live bookperformance. see you. lotte
Tom - 26 Nov 2015 02:12
I was just passing by and this performance kept me there almost one hour. It is somewhat sophisticated and attractive souvenir for the memory. Cheers!
Pieter Van D. - 06 Dec 2015 16:10
Ik vond het geweldig! Ik was er in alle vier optredens. Het was indrukwekkend om de evolutie van de tekening en de woorden getuige . mooi!