MyFace Book Performance: TRT ANKARA RADIO

TRT Ankara Radio is the earliest media that started following "bookperformance" and MyFace Book (Yüzüm Kitap, then) through their programme on books and reading which is called "Canlı Okumalar" (Live Readings) presented by Hafıze Okan and hosted by Neşe Yenice

The first time, Yüzüm Kitap, was a guest to them with its author and a reader was on 14th August 2012, that was a few weeks after its release in Turkey. There took place an improvised, sincere and naive AuthorReader Performance, and after that a discussion of what a "bookperformance" is/could be and why the author needed to create this term, this world and how a book seeks for its own performance.

After a few months, on 27th November 2012,Yüzüm Kitap was hosted by them once again with its author and another reader of itself. As the reader was a theatre student as well as a creative writer, the discussion of that day around the book was how the book itself manifests its desire for a social life and how the Bookperformance Manifesto puts it forward, and it could be possible for another book to be named as "bookperformance" and through a reading if that other book could be a "bookperformance" as well. (The answer is "no" by the way. To better understand this "no", one needs to go into the world of "bookperformance" and see the things from inside. This website is construced for this purpuse. So, if you would like to find an answer, enjoy:) 

After several months, on 23rd July 2013, Yüzüm Kitap was once again at the studio of TRT Ankara Radio with its author and a different reader of itself. This time the reader and the author focused on theatricality of a book like Yüzüm Kitap and why it is a neverending performance. 

Thanks to TRT Ankara Radio, for following and motivating the "bookperformance". It is definately a nice chance! 

Ankara, TR - 14 Aug 2012