MyFace Book Performance: REIMS UNIVERSITY

Bookperformance, as apractical theory, was invited to a literary conference that was orginized by Reims University.  More information about the coneference is found here. The conference paper, I presented there was titles as: “Bookperformance: The Power and The Possible in a Practical Theory”.

An AuthorReader Performance took place, with the other speakers at the conference, in French / English, with the transparented parts of Yüzüm Kitap, 2012 (MyFace Book, 2014)

"Réinventons l’amour?" / Shall we reinvent love? 

"Manifeste du Livreperformance" / "Bookperformance Manifesto"

A ReaderAuthor Performance after the performance was written by Aysegul Yayla, who also took place at the same conference both as a speaker and as a reader. You may read it here: "Love for the Activist Spirit!: Bookperformance & MyFace Book"

Reims, FR - 17 May 2013