MyFace Book Performance: GOLD FM

GOLD FM started hosting MyFace Book Performance when it was only in Turkish, as Yüzüm Kitap. The first time it took place there was on 12th November 2012 which was 3 months after its release in Turkey. Then, it was together with its author Cigdem y Mirol and some readers of it, was hosted by Kenan Erer. That day, an AuthorReader Performance was held on the radio / on air together with the readers at the studio as well as with the ones who connected the radio via telephone. It was a rather interesting, experiemental and impressive act of reading together in despite not being on the same ground, despite not having any eye contact with each other, despite not sharing the synergy of the happening in the atmosphere but only looking at and reading the very same book, very same lines, in the end very same homor and soul. Afterwards, after this very experience, there was a discussion on the possibilities of giving a life to a book that is a performance, thus what a "bookperformance" is. (After several months Kenan Erer later did a ReaderAuthor Performance of/for MyFace Book. You may see it here.) 

After a few months, on the International Women's day, on 8th March 2013, Cigdem y Mirol and two other readers of MyFace Book (Yüzüm Kitap, then) were hosted at GOLD FM by another host of the radio, Karahan. That time, again, there was an AuthorReader Performance on air, which expanded beyond its space and synergy via telephone and skype connections to the performance. One of the readers had brough flute to the studio which gave some sounds and musicality to the performance. 

Karahan later on invited  and Cigdem y Mirol to GOLD FM, together with some readers. It was on 18th Novemver 2013, just before MyFace Book (Yüzüm Kitap, then) was going to take place at Reims Slam Tribu d'Europe, as a guest in order to praise how the spoken word can transcend itself through book that does seek a performance in its disource and when it is read/acted out. That time as well there took place an AuthorReader Performance on air, together with readers in the studio and anywhere else but connecting through any techology. The main text that was focused on was the beginning of The Efface Notebook, which is the second turn of All of Myself in MyFace Book due to the fact that there, there the book directly and indirectly refers to slam, to spoken word and to poetry. 

Finally for now, MyFace Book (in ENG) took place at GOLD FM when it was finally talking in English entirely,  That was on the 9th of March 2014. Then, MyFace Book was the host of Kenan Erer. The main focus through MyFace Book that day was to praise the idea of "bookperformance" that was born in Turkish first and now, in the end, with its English version it could be shared with non-Turkish speakers as well. 

All in all, it is to underline that GOLD FM is one of those institutions that does follow the trip of "bookperformance" since almost the beginning. And, for the diffusion as well as sharing of such a new/alternative artistic practice, it is a pure chance. Very many thanks!

Brussels, BE - 11 Dec 2012