MyFace Book Performance: LEIDEN UNIVERSITY

MyFace Book Performance was invited to Leiden University by Dr. Petra de Bruijn.   An AuthorReader Performance with Yüzüm Kitap in Turkish accompanied a lecture on "bookperformance". 

"Shall we reinvent love?" letter was read in Turkish, English, Italian, French and Dutch. And, "Bookperformance Manifesto" was discussed in English. 

The multicultural and multilingual dynamics in during the performance was worth praising the word as well as the world itself. 

Dr. Bruijn's readerauthor note on the event: 

"Dear Cigdem, I enjoyed the lecture and authoreaderperformance a lot. It was very interesting to hear the theoretical background behind your concept and then experiencing it. With great remembrance to the authoreader performance of yesterday at our university." Petra de Bruijn /6.02.2013

Leiden, NE - 05 Feb 2013