MyFace Book Performance: LEIDEN UNIVERSITY

This AuthorReader Performance was such a multicultural and multilingual one.  In that sense it was truely reflecting the genuine concerns of "Bookperformance". Some parts from Myface Book was together read/acted out in many languages like English, Turkish, Dutch, Italian, Japanese. Although MyFace Book (2014) was still Yüzüm Kitap (2012) then, but "Shall we reinvent love?" letter and "Bookperformance Manifesto" were already in many languages under the estimated English cover of the book. The funny and nice moments of this AuthorReader Performance had started much before the performance while the author and the reader(s) that were going to be the "authorseaders" of the book were preparing English booklets at the Library of Leiden University. That is to say, from the beginning to the end this performance gently showed how the self and the other could share the authorial and the communal aspects of such a gathering that does have political inspirations while reflecting a possible social life. Here is a ReaderAuthor Performance done by Aysegül Yayla, with the "witnessing" photos she took before, during and after the performance. Enjoy!

Leiden, HOLLAND - 17 Jun 2013